Vehicle Guide

Loadhandler® units have adjustable brackets that belt onto the tops of tailgates and it is the width of the tailgate that is important in determining which Loadhandler® models will fit your Bakkie/LDV. Bed length and type of cab are not important in determining which model to purchase, however other important factors including the weight and frequency of the loads, as well as expected material types e.g. building rubble v grass cuttings should be taken into account.

Below is a generalized chart which can be used to help determine which Loadhandler® is best suited to your needs.

Heavy Duty Mid-size
Medium Duty Mid-size
Roller bar length 150 cm 150 cm
Tailgate width guideline 130 – 160 cm 120 – 160 cm
Drag sheet width 105 cm 105 cm
Drag sheet length 450 cm 450 cm
Recommended max. payload 1,300 kg (3000 lb) 1,000 kg (2200 lb)
Planned workload Heavy Duty Medium Duty
Bracket material Steel Polymer Plastic
Support mechanism Ball-bearing Tubular
Harness/strap clips Steel Polymer Plastic

It is recommended that the tailgate width is measured prior to deciding on the choice of Loadhandler® and decide which unit is required based on the planned workload. The dragsheet can be trimmed to suit individual vehicle requirements and can be replaced if damaged.

Due to the low numbers of local vehicles that meet the size requirements of the full size units, they are not currently held in stock. For a larger vehicle with a tailgate up to 180cm wide please contact us for further details.