Yes…Loadhandler® really works!

Loadhandler® has been helping bakkie/LDV owners get unloaded for 20 years and have sold hundreds of thousands of units across the globe

No shovelling, no climbing, no bad back!

Get your Loadhandler® today so you don’t regret it tomorrow! Save time, costs and manpower by using the unique Loadhandler® patented design

How it works… In 3 easy steps:

Attach it to your tailgate

Place Loadhandler® onto the tailgate and tighten.

Simply place the Loadhandler® onto the tailgate of your vehicle and secure the 2 straps by wrapping them around the tailgate and clipping the ends into place.

Pull out the dragsheet

Unravel the dragsheet to the length of your tray.

The Loadhandler® uses a heavy duty dragsheet to unload the tray, so once installed, just pull out the dragsheet and you are ready to load your vehicle.

Turn the handle to unload

Just turn the crank to unload the load.

Once you are at where you want to unload, just open the tailgate and use the easy-to-turn crank to unload a full load in 30 seconds. It’s that easy!

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